Quarantine Diaries in 35mm

We've been officially on lockdown for a month now and all the days are starting to melt together.  Weekends are met with the same level of enthuthiasm (none) as Mondays.  Despite the uncertainty, boredom, and anxiety that looms over our days, there are definitely bright spots.  I love the time I'm getting to spend with... Continue Reading →

One Fine Spring Day

We are blessed with a decent rain season this year and we've been equally enjoying the new grass carpeting all our hills and the amazing powder at Tahoe (pre-quarantine). Spring Festival

A Merry Little Christmas

For Christmas last year, we kept it quiet and low-key as we were planning a special Christmas RV roadtrip to Southern California with my parents.  Still, we enjoyed putting up simple decorations, going to the city to see art and lights, and best of all, our very first Nutcracker performance. SFMOMA   SF Ballet

White Yosemite

The corona virus has brought a new normal to our lives and given me the gift of time to brush off the blog I've neglected for six months or more. Let's begin with memories of a happier time last year, when after a whirlwind few months of starting a new job and traveling, we took... Continue Reading →


Montmartre was a haven of struggling artists back in the day.  Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh...all have lived, worked, or socialized here--at Le Consulat or La Maison Rose--some point in time.  However, thanks to the fame of Amelie, Montmartre is also extremely popular with the tourists today.  Our hotel was right next to the Moulin Rouge,... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Paris!

It's been 10 years since I was last in Paris and the city was even more beautiful than I remembered.  Walking all day among gorgeous Haussmannian architecture, lavishly landscaped gardens, through museum after museum, across bridge after bridge, my senses were bombarded with beauty.  I loved wandering around the city, seeing how each arrondissement had... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Things to Do With Kids in the Bay Area

All things that go! Riding the ferry Riding the cable cars Riding BART Riding the Tilden Steam Train Museums!  Chabot Science Center - Planetarium movies are the best! Habitots Bay Area Discovery Museum Children's Creativity Museum Outdoors spaces! Oakland Zoo Berkeley Adventure Playground Jean Sweeney Open Space Park - awesome new playground! Alameda beach -... Continue Reading →

Summer Mood

It's September and school has officially started and I'm about to go back to work at the end of the month, yet these warm sunny days that have finally come to the Bay are fooling me into thinking that summer is still here...   Here are a few snapshots of those slow summer days already... Continue Reading →

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