London and Tips

E: Mama, what do they speak in London?Me: They speak English, just with an accent.  Like we say tomato and they say to-mah-to.E: And they say spaghetti and we say NOOOODLESSSS!M: Erm....right Traveling with one toddler can already have me questioning my sanity sometimes, but deciding to go on a trip with three other moms... Continue Reading →

LA Vlog

We took a quick trip back to LA in July where we spent lots of time at the pool and beach, harvesting vegetables from my mom's garden, and eating delicious home cooked meals or sampling some amazing new restaurants.  It was also our first time checking out the Hammer Museum.


This year the snow made our trip to the Sierras both challenging and fun. We got to go sledding and have snow ball fights, but the deep snow made following the trail difficult. We had to do some tracking using the GPS on our phone and had to backtrack often, soaking our socks and pants... Continue Reading →

First Ski Trip + Vlog

This was not Ellie's first trip to Lake Tahoe. Almost exactly two years ago when she was just 6 months old, we took her snowshoeing around the lake with my mom.  We threw snowballs, we made snow angels.  She was not impressed. Since then, and especially since last Christmas, the fantasy of snow has been... Continue Reading →

Japan Revisited

All the trees around here have been blooming since January, because California goes from fall directly to spring. Plum, cherry, peach, and the slightly more unsubtle magnolia blossoms add joy and color to our daily walks. Ellie always points at the plum or cherry blossoms and say "Look mama! Cherry blossoms! Just like Japan!" I... Continue Reading →

Mexico Vlog and Tips for Flying with a Baby

For more Mexico travel tips, you can check out my full Yucatan guide. Whether it's a "short" three hour domestic flight or an international long haul, flying is probably the number one thing that stresses parents out about traveling with babies and kids.  Even after flying over 50,000 air miles with Ellie since she was... Continue Reading →

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