Koh Chang

Thailand vlog. Do you ever wish that you can experience something for the first time again?  I get that longing a lot when I’m watching Ellie.  Sometimes I wish we can retain some of the memories from when we’re babies, except the part about being born.  God no, I don’t think I would want to... Continue Reading →

Elephant Sanctuary

Teach them to be kind to animals, they will grow up also kind to people. When we first started planning our trip to Thailand, I knew I wanted to include elephants in the trip.  Elephants are the national animal of Thailand and are famously part of the tourist experience.  To be honest I didn’t know... Continue Reading →


Check out our Thailand video here. Rosy morning light filtered through the trees that line our tiny street as we began our walk towards the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. We had just landed after a 20 hour sleepless journey, but the excitement of being in a new city is as good as caffeine. We... Continue Reading →

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