An Afternoon at Hyde Park

After soaking in the love story of Victoria and Albert at Kensington Palace, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing under the giant sycamore trees of Hyde Park.  It's one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been to, in part because the fall colors were at their prime.  It was just the perfect... Continue Reading →

London and Tips

E: Mama, what do they speak in London?Me: They speak English, just with an accent.  Like we say tomato and they say to-mah-to.E: And they say spaghetti and we say NOOOODLESSSS!M: Erm....right Traveling with one toddler can already have me questioning my sanity sometimes, but deciding to go on a trip with three other moms... Continue Reading →

Tea at sketch.

Entering sketch is like stepping into a world where everything really is seen through rose colored glasses.  But the best part was the David Shrigley gallery whose twisted humor made me chuckle as I sip my tea from a dainty tea cup.   So even though the plush velvet decor may suggest this place is... Continue Reading →

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