Summer in Japan Vlog P.3

We took a few fun day trips outside of Tokyo to explore Yokohama, Hakone, Kamakura, and Enoshima Island.  We checked out Yokohama's Chinatown and ate the unavoidable dumplings that people are queuing up for at almost every restaurant, ran around the wide open spaces around the old brick port buildings, and had a strange, only-in-Japan... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan Vlog P.2

Skipping the usual sightseeing and enjoying the slow moments and laughing as much as we can. Tokyo Toy Museum was definitely the best hidden gem. Located in an old school building, the thoughtfully curated museum is partly a showcase of traditional toys from around the world and part indoor play structure. Bonus being the many... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan Vlog P.1

Our summer in Japan last year began in Tokyo. We checked out the French chateau in Ebisu, ate at Joël Robuchon...the cafe, visited the Hie Shrine, saw all the blooms at the Shinjuku Gyoen gardens, had so much fun at Disney Sea, ate expensive sushi and cheap ramen, as well as many conbini rice balls.... Continue Reading →

Kamakura and Enoshima

Two surprising things I've discovered about Japan on this trip: how big surfing culture is and that hydrangeas in the summer can draw almost as big of a crowd as cherry blossoms in the spring. As we got closer to our stop in Kamakura our train ran parallel to the beach, all I could see... Continue Reading →


Hakone was an easy hour and a half train ride from Tokyo followed by a scenic bus ride through the lush green mountains. What drew us to Hakone was the promise of a magnificent view of Mt.Fuji rising up behind a mountain lake with an iconic floating shrine. Of course the muggy Japanese summer days... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Summer Through Film

The Tokyo I know and remember is the buzzing, vibrant, pulsating, swarming, neon flashing, sleepless city that it is.  Anyone who's been lost in one of the multiple layers of Shinjuku station or stranded in a crowded mass of people on Takeshita street has been introduced to this side of Tokyo.  But in recent trips,... Continue Reading →


While my husband was busy at a conference, Ellie and I decided to spend the day at DisneySea.  It was probably the most exquisite theme park I've ever been to.  I already know that Disney is famous for its attention to detail but DisneySea really blew me away with it.  Ellie's favorite part of the... Continue Reading →


Even though Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population, compared to Tokyo it felt so wide and open and filled with empty spaces.  We went expecting to eat some great Chinese food at the famous Yokohama Chinatown but were soon overwhelmed by the hundreds of restaurants which all seem to sell the... Continue Reading →

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