Brave New World

I think as humans we are pretty good at adapting, and no matter what state the world may be in, we always seem to be able adapt to a new level of bad and make it the new normal.  The corals are being bleached, the arctic is burning, and smoke from wildfires are blotting out... Continue Reading →

Maui Adventure

There is no adventure without some misadventure.  What an amazing trip we had despite the numerous mishaps--most of which involves puke so I won't get into it.  Even though traveling is not always rainbows, it is still worth it!  For the majority of our time in Maui, we had an amazing time being close to... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Hawaii

While selecting photos from the archives for my portfolio, I found a 7-months pregnant me looking large and in charge in Hawaii, and my sweetie, looking thin and overworked from the long hours he had been pulling at his start-up.  Hawaii was a dream, one of the happiest times in our lives, and these photos... Continue Reading →

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