Winter In Yosemite Vlog

Winter in yosemite is so beautiful and peaceful. We spotted a playful river otter and a hungry looking bear. The scenery is breathtaking with misty air and swirling clouds around the granite cliffs. We enjoyed some snowy hikes in the almost empty Valley and explored the base of El Capitan, making foggy breath clouds and... Continue Reading →

White Yosemite

The corona virus has brought a new normal to our lives and given me the gift of time to brush off the blog I've neglected for six months or more. Let's begin with memories of a happier time last year, when after a whirlwind few months of starting a new job and traveling, we took... Continue Reading →

Yosemite Again

No matter how many times I've been, this is still the most beautiful place on earth to me.   Fall is a favorite time to go because the valley is lit up with colorful big leaf maples and the crowds have thinned out.  We've hiked an average of six miles a day this trip--something we wouldn't... Continue Reading →


I met my friend Jungmin in college at a social mixer for a club that I didn’t end up joining. Even though I didn’t get to make a ton of new friends as I had set out to by joining a social club, she ended up being one friend that I’m really glad I did... Continue Reading →

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