Plumas-Eureka Camping

Our Labor Day camping trip this year was at an old gold mining site in the Plumas National Forest.  There are still lots of old cabins and shacks standing shuttered and ghostly in the forest around our campsite.  Whenever I think of the gold rush the song My Darling Clementine comes to mind.  It's a... Continue Reading →

Summer in Lake Tahoe

One of our goals of this trip was to do a few short day hikes on the PCT.  After hiking all these years in the Sierras, I've come to the conclusion that the most scenic trail is by far the Pacific Crest Trail.  Every time we've hiked a segment of it, I get blown away... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Day Hike with Loup

Ellie's class has a honorary student named Loup or "Wolf".  Every week Loup gets to go home with one of the kids in the class for the weekend and come back with pictures of his (or her?) adventures.  We were so excited to have Loup visit our house.  He played with us, ate with us,... Continue Reading →

Maui Adventure

There is no adventure without some misadventure.  What an amazing trip we had despite the numerous mishaps--most of which involves puke so I won't get into it.  Even though traveling is not always rainbows, it is still worth it!  For the majority of our time in Maui, we had an amazing time being close to... Continue Reading →

Snow Days

Last weekend, we packed up our skis and headed to Tahoe for our second trip of the year.  Unlike the first time back in February where we were met with epic snow storms and epic traffic, this past weekend was filled with glorious sunshine and we stayed through Monday to avoid the crowds. We had... Continue Reading →

Bear Valley

Right before school started, we escaped to the Sierras to savor the last carefree days of summer.  Ellie is in that weird in-between stage where she is almost too big and heavy to be carried in the hiking backpack yet too little to walk many miles by herself.  The longest she's hiked on her own... Continue Reading →


This year the snow made our trip to the Sierras both challenging and fun. We got to go sledding and have snow ball fights, but the deep snow made following the trail difficult. We had to do some tracking using the GPS on our phone and had to backtrack often, soaking our socks and pants... Continue Reading →

Spring News

We've been rambling around the Bay enjoying the newly awakened flora from the spring rains and perfect 75 degrees days in between. Spring is a time for new beginnings and renewal, and this time we are experiencing these symbolically in our own lives. House hunting and preschool enrollment are among the big changes coming our... Continue Reading →

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