When in Doubt, Draw

It's a really tough time to be a kid. With the lockdown, summer vacation was spent mostly in isolation. The start of kindergarten didn't bring any relief as everything is through a computer screen. Now with the fires, she hasn't played outside in a week because of the yellow air. She is hardly one to... Continue Reading →


Over the weekend we celebrated E's birthday at home, just the four of us. We spent a happy day playing with new toys, dressing up, and baking cupcakes. It was a simple and stress-free day compared to past birthday events I've forced myself to put together for her, yet she sweetly told us that this... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Diaries in 35mm

We've been officially on lockdown for a month now and all the days are starting to melt together.  Weekends are met with the same level of enthuthiasm (none) as Mondays.  Despite the uncertainty, boredom, and anxiety that looms over our days, there are definitely bright spots.  I love the time I'm getting to spend with... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Things to Do With Kids in the Bay Area

All things that go! Riding the ferry Riding the cable cars Riding BART Riding the Tilden Steam Train Museums!  Chabot Science Center - Planetarium movies are the best! Habitots Bay Area Discovery Museum Children's Creativity Museum Outdoors spaces! Oakland Zoo Berkeley Adventure Playground Jean Sweeney Open Space Park - awesome new playground! Alameda beach -... Continue Reading →

Summer Mood

It's September and school has officially started and I'm about to go back to work at the end of the month, yet these warm sunny days that have finally come to the Bay are fooling me into thinking that summer is still here...   Here are a few snapshots of those slow summer days already... Continue Reading →

A Garden Grows in LA

Somehow it always feels like a vacation when we "escape" the fog of the Bay Area and come down to visit my parents in LA.  The sun doesn't hide around here and it's always the perfect temperature for splash pads, pools, and the beach.  All of which are on our to-do list.  We ended the... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Day Hike with Loup

Ellie's class has a honorary student named Loup or "Wolf".  Every week Loup gets to go home with one of the kids in the class for the weekend and come back with pictures of his (or her?) adventures.  We were so excited to have Loup visit our house.  He played with us, ate with us,... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Hawaii

While selecting photos from the archives for my portfolio, I found a 7-months pregnant me looking large and in charge in Hawaii, and my sweetie, looking thin and overworked from the long hours he had been pulling at his start-up.  Hawaii was a dream, one of the happiest times in our lives, and these photos... Continue Reading →

Snow Days

Last weekend, we packed up our skis and headed to Tahoe for our second trip of the year.  Unlike the first time back in February where we were met with epic snow storms and epic traffic, this past weekend was filled with glorious sunshine and we stayed through Monday to avoid the crowds. We had... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Sacrifice of Immigrant Parents

He'd board at Canal and watch the train fill and empty at each stop with an ever-shifting mix of different peoples and ethnicities...the only thing uniting them being their newness to America and their identical expressions of exhaustion, that blend of determination and resignation that only the immigrant possesses. The other aspect of those weekday-evening... Continue Reading →

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