Quarantine Diaries in 35mm

We've been officially on lockdown for a month now and all the days are starting to melt together.  Weekends are met with the same level of enthuthiasm (none) as Mondays.  Despite the uncertainty, boredom, and anxiety that looms over our days, there are definitely bright spots.  I love the time I'm getting to spend with... Continue Reading →

A Merry Little Christmas

For Christmas last year, we kept it quiet and low-key as we were planning a special Christmas RV roadtrip to Southern California with my parents.  Still, we enjoyed putting up simple decorations, going to the city to see art and lights, and best of all, our very first Nutcracker performance. SFMOMA   SF Ballet


I woke up to a strangely quiet house today as my husband and daughter are away visiting the grandparents.  I took my time cleaning Ellie's room and what began as a chore turned into an exercise of gratitude.  Seeing her presence in everything I pick up, her old toys that she once loved, her pajamas... Continue Reading →

Summer Mood

It's September and school has officially started and I'm about to go back to work at the end of the month, yet these warm sunny days that have finally come to the Bay are fooling me into thinking that summer is still here...   Here are a few snapshots of those slow summer days already... Continue Reading →

Homemade Noodles

Whenever we visit my mom Ellie always looks forward to "laolao's" good cooking.  My mom always seems to be able to mix up some dough and make noodles in a matter of minutes.  Now that I've tried it myself, I realized that it really is that easy to make noodles at home.  You don't need... Continue Reading →

Goodbye September

Hello October. School was probably as big of an adjustment for me as it was for Ellie.  Suddenly our house got a lot quieter and feels a bit lonelier with Ellie gone most of the day.  I feel a new urgency to work and create, yet somehow the hours slip away and before I know... Continue Reading →

Settling In

It's been two months to the day since we've moved into our new house.  Our "new" house is actually a small and very old house with a lot to love, crooked walls and slanted floors and all.  My favorite thing are all the beautiful old windows in every room of the house that look out... Continue Reading →

Winter Home

This season I've really enjoyed turning our loft into a cozy and festive nest for the holidays.  We've made many seasonal crafts like leaf crowns, fun paper cut-outs using old paper bags, or snowflakes cut from junk mail paper.  I can't believe it will be our third Christmas as a family of three.  Three crazy... Continue Reading →

Bang Trim Portraits

It somehow became a tradition for me to snap a few portraits of Ellie after a fresh DIY bang trim.  I know that the years are numbered where she would let me give her an ugly home haircut even though I think she can rock an ugly haircut like no other.  These trims also happen... Continue Reading →

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