Top 15 Things to Do With Kids in the Bay Area

All things that go! Riding the ferry Riding the cable cars Riding BART Riding the Tilden Steam Train Museums!  Chabot Science Center - Planetarium movies are the best! Habitots Bay Area Discovery Museum Children's Creativity Museum Outdoors spaces! Oakland Zoo Berkeley Adventure Playground Jean Sweeney Open Space Park - awesome new playground! Alameda beach -... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Summer Through Film

The Tokyo I know and remember is the buzzing, vibrant, pulsating, swarming, neon flashing, sleepless city that it is.  Anyone who's been lost in one of the multiple layers of Shinjuku station or stranded in a crowded mass of people on Takeshita street has been introduced to this side of Tokyo.  But in recent trips,... Continue Reading →

Jigokudani Monkey Park

In the couple of times I've visited Japan, it always struck me how Japanese people strive to coexist harmoniously with wild animals, from deer to the Japanese macaque monkeys, these animals have come to trust and even depend on humans for their survival. I'm not a wildlife expert so I can't say for sure if... Continue Reading →

Tea at sketch.

Entering sketch is like stepping into a world where everything really is seen through rose colored glasses.  But the best part was the David Shrigley gallery whose twisted humor made me chuckle as I sip my tea from a dainty tea cup.   So even though the plush velvet decor may suggest this place is... Continue Reading →

Eating in Yelapa and a Tragedy

The restaurants in Yelapa don't seem fancy on the outside, or even that noticeable, but most of them have a surprisingly beautiful garden tucked away inside for lovely al fresco dining.  We couldn't ask for better ambiance.  The food is also a pleasant surprise.  The seafood are cooked and seasoned to perfection, the tacos are... Continue Reading →

Japan Revisited

All the trees around here have been blooming since January, because California goes from fall directly to spring. Plum, cherry, peach, and the slightly more unsubtle magnolia blossoms add joy and color to our daily walks. Ellie always points at the plum or cherry blossoms and say "Look mama! Cherry blossoms! Just like Japan!" I... Continue Reading →

Ferry Ride

One of my favorite things to do is to play tourist in my own city.  When you're low on time or funds, find a way to experience the city in a new or unique way and you can still feel the same excitement as if you were traveling across the world. Lately Ellie has been... Continue Reading →


When I was younger, I hated old things.  My immigrant parents had to make every hard-earned dollar go far: our apartment was entirely furnished with yard sale finds or free castoffs found on the sidewalk, my clothes were mostly secondhand but of the non-stylish variety, I played with old toys, we drove old cars.  I... Continue Reading →

Yucatán Travel Guide

Read and see more photos of our family trip to Tulum and Villadolid here. Transportation Bus.  The whole Yucatan peninsula is completely accessible by bus.  The ADO bus is the one that we used.  These buses have comfortable seating and are air conditioned.  The trip from Merida to Tulum was less than $10 and completely... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Guide

I admit Hong Kong has always been a bit over-romanticized in my head thanks to watching all those Wong Kar-Wai movies in my 20s.  I’ve seen Chungking Express at least 3 times.  I was going through an art phase. When I arrived the first day at my Airbnb inside a building named The Chungking Mansions,... Continue Reading →

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