When in Doubt, Draw

It’s a really tough time to be a kid. With the lockdown, summer vacation was spent mostly in isolation. The start of kindergarten didn’t bring any relief as everything is through a computer screen. Now with the fires, she hasn’t played outside in a week because of the yellow air.

She is hardly one to complain though. She seems content to spend her mornings independently participating in her online classes. The afternoons are filled with playing with her stuffies, drawing, playing the piano, and watching cartoons. Mostly, she draws.

We started buying her sketchbooks when the lockdown was in full swing and since May, she has already filled up four 100-page sketch books. It’s fun to look back at her drawings together, to find recurring themes of things she loved, missed, or was scared of. In her last book, elaborate adventures with her stuffies and friends are a popular subject. The Xmas RV trip we took to Joshua Tree and Death Valley is another one. Looking back, it was the last time we really travelled somewhere. She loves to draw different variations of the camper van, sometimes decked out in Xmas lights and presents, all of us including my parents sitting cozily together. Other times she would draw scenes from our daily life, such as an especially pretty sunset from our walk, or Charlie sleeping by our fireplace on the cool marble.

It brings me some comfort to know that she has her art and her imagination to get lost in, and with that she doesn’t seem so lonely. If only I can convince myself that all is well with the world, too.

Here are some recent drawings from August:

Drawings from July:

Drawings from May and June:

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