Adventure Pup

This long weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday by piling into the car and going on adventures, almost like the those good old pre-covid days. We were finally able to take Charlie out since he got his last parvo vaccine. It started with a walk around the block but quickly escalated to a hours-long car ride to a beach and then a whole day of walking around Golden Gate Park.

I really thought we were in for a bad time since we haven’t done any leash training except once or twice around the house, but Charlie was a natural. He was very excited and did pull sometimes to get to an extra interesting smell, but for the most part he stayed on a slack leash by our sides, responded well to treats and our commands, and socialized well with other dogs. We even had some mini play sessions with other dogs of San Francisco, and our friends older doodle, and Charlie was a great sport.

I’m already looking forward to our next adventure coming up very soon. I have high hopes that Charlie will live up to his Adventure Dog title.

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