Tea at sketch.

Entering sketch is like stepping into a world where everything really is seen through rose colored glasses.  But the best part was the David Shrigley gallery whose twisted humor made me chuckle as I sip my tea from a dainty tea cup.   So even though the plush velvet decor may suggest this place is... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Sacrifice of Immigrant Parents

He'd board at Canal and watch the train fill and empty at each stop with an ever-shifting mix of different peoples and ethnicities...the only thing uniting them being their newness to America and their identical expressions of exhaustion, that blend of determination and resignation that only the immigrant possesses. The other aspect of those weekday-evening... Continue Reading →

Homemade Noodles

Whenever we visit my mom Ellie always looks forward to "laolao's" good cooking.  My mom always seems to be able to mix up some dough and make noodles in a matter of minutes.  Now that I've tried it myself, I realized that it really is that easy to make noodles at home.  You don't need... Continue Reading →

Goodbye September

Hello October. School was probably as big of an adjustment for me as it was for Ellie.  Suddenly our house got a lot quieter and feels a bit lonelier with Ellie gone most of the day.  I feel a new urgency to work and create, yet somehow the hours slip away and before I know... Continue Reading →

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