Bear Valley


Right before school started, we escaped to the Sierras to savor the last carefree days of summer.  Ellie is in that weird in-between stage where she is almost too big and heavy to be carried in the hiking backpack yet too little to walk many miles by herself.  The longest she’s hiked on her own so far was a 1.5 mile loop in Malibu.  The Pacific Crest Trail is slightly more rugged with some challenging elevation gains, but the views are always worth it.  It’s hard to convince a 3-year-old that all the uncomfortable bits of hiking are so that we can be rewarded with an amazing view at the top.  There were a lot of grumbling, a lot of stopping, a lot of dangling the carrot in the form of a snack but ultimately she hiked about 1 our of the 6 miles.  Maybe.


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