A Home in La La Land

Every time I visit my parents in LA, we always end up playing tourists.  It's like I just discovered that LA is actually an interesting place after moving away from it.  My parents old house and their new one is in the middle of suburban land-of-strip-malls LA.  And that will always be part of what... Continue Reading →

Yayoi Kusama and DTLA

I've been naive and unprepared before when it came to visiting The Broad in LA, but not this time.  This time, I did my research online, got up at 6 AM, stood in a well-formed line two hours before opening time next to a coughing guy, all for a chance to catch the Yayoi Kusama... Continue Reading →

Venice Beach

For some reason every time we go to LA my husband suggests that we go to the beach, even though the waters of LA is not that much warmer than the waters of northern California.  I guess it's the imagery of the palm trees swaying in the sunshine that gives people the impression that it's... Continue Reading →


My parents booked notoriously hard-to-get tickets for a tour of the house of Walter Annenberg at his winter retreat, Sunnylands.  So we took the hour and a half drive out to Palm Springs on a warm winter day.  Admittedly, my interest was low from the beginning, given the impression by my mom that we were... Continue Reading →

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