Mexico Vlog and Tips for Flying with a Baby

For more Mexico travel tips, you can check out my full Yucatan guide. Whether it's a "short" three hour domestic flight or an international long haul, flying is probably the number one thing that stresses parents out about traveling with babies and kids.  Even after flying over 50,000 air miles with Ellie since she was... Continue Reading →

Camping in Big Sur

When people think of California they think of sunny beaches, palm trees, surfers, and the soundtrack of a psychedelic beach rock song playing in the background.  That is a pretty accurate description, but only of one small part of California.  After I left La La Land and moved to the Bay Area, I came to... Continue Reading →

New Orleans Guide

You must allow for one fact, we're awake 20 hours a day, so really we live much longer even if we drop dead at 64. -Andrei Codrescu on being a New OrleanianMy husband and I spent our second marriage anniversary in New Orleans last month. It was our first time traveling without the baby.  We... Continue Reading →

A Month in Books: April

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga I love traveling but I think I love being an armchair traveler through books even more.  This book took me on a journey into the "Darkness", which is anywhere in India where millions of people exist in poverty.  The story is told from the point of view of a... Continue Reading →

Cuba: Viñales

The Incident on the Highway On our last morning in Havana, my husband and I squeezed into the front seat of an old 1950s Ford, our colectivo taxi to Viñales.  After two days going around Havana in old taxis in varying states of disrepair, the Cubans ability to make old cars run on old parts... Continue Reading →

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