Holga Film Archives

The humble Holga was my gateway drug to the world of film photography.  I picked up my first plastic-fantastic Holga camera on a whim while traveling solo in Europe in the early spring of 2008.  Looking back now, the rolls of film from that camera captured my formative years from just after graduation (into the... Continue Reading →

Winter In Yosemite Vlog

Winter in yosemite is so beautiful and peaceful. We spotted a playful river otter and a hungry looking bear. The scenery is breathtaking with misty air and swirling clouds around the granite cliffs. We enjoyed some snowy hikes in the almost empty Valley and explored the base of El Capitan, making foggy breath clouds and... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan Vlog P.3

We took a few fun day trips outside of Tokyo to explore Yokohama, Hakone, Kamakura, and Enoshima Island.  We checked out Yokohama's Chinatown and ate the unavoidable dumplings that people are queuing up for at almost every restaurant, ran around the wide open spaces around the old brick port buildings, and had a strange, only-in-Japan... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan Vlog P.2

Skipping the usual sightseeing and enjoying the slow moments and laughing as much as we can. Tokyo Toy Museum was definitely the best hidden gem. Located in an old school building, the thoughtfully curated museum is partly a showcase of traditional toys from around the world and part indoor play structure. Bonus being the many... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan Vlog P.1

Our summer in Japan last year began in Tokyo. We checked out the French chateau in Ebisu, ate at Joël Robuchon...the cafe, visited the Hie Shrine, saw all the blooms at the Shinjuku Gyoen gardens, had so much fun at Disney Sea, ate expensive sushi and cheap ramen, as well as many conbini rice balls.... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Diaries in 35mm

We've been officially on lockdown for a month now and all the days are starting to melt together.  Weekends are met with the same level of enthuthiasm (none) as Mondays.  Despite the uncertainty, boredom, and anxiety that looms over our days, there are definitely bright spots.  I love the time I'm getting to spend with... Continue Reading →

One Fine Spring Day

We are blessed with a decent rain season this year and we've been equally enjoying the new grass carpeting all our hills and the amazing powder at Tahoe (pre-quarantine). Spring Festival

A Merry Little Christmas

For Christmas last year, we kept it quiet and low-key as we were planning a special Christmas RV roadtrip to Southern California with my parents.  Still, we enjoyed putting up simple decorations, going to the city to see art and lights, and best of all, our very first Nutcracker performance. SFMOMA   SF Ballet

White Yosemite

The corona virus has brought a new normal to our lives and given me the gift of time to brush off the blog I've neglected for six months or more. Let's begin with memories of a happier time last year, when after a whirlwind few months of starting a new job and traveling, we took... Continue Reading →

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